No, Lost Ark pay to win cosmetics aren’t coming to the game

Lost Ark pay to win items in the form of Yoz's Jar won't be added in the MMO's June update after all, Amazon said, because it just wouldn't be fair

Lost Ark pay-to-win microtransactions won’t be a thing, it turns out. Smilegate and Amazon Games Studios published a blog post about the MMO game’s delayed June update on June 23 and outlined the new Yoz’s Jar system, where cosmetics of different types would give players a 1% or 2% attack, intelligence, and dexterity buffs depending on their rarity. While that’s not likely to turn the tides of any PvP encounter, that’s not really the point.

Amazon said in the blog post that “market data” suggested these skins would fetch high Gold prices, which may prohibit players from finding and acquiring matching sets. Considering the vulnerable state of Lost Ark’s gold economy and the community controversies surrounding real money transactions and gold bots, it was probably the right call.

“Flexibility and fairness to players have always been driving forces in the partnership between our teams as we work to ensure that players are able to enjoy and play Lost Ark however they see fit,” Amazon said in the blog post.

Yoz’s Jar has been removed from the June update as a result. However, Amazon didn’t say they have no plans to add the feature at all in the future. Presumably, adding Yoz’s Jar would require some measure of intervention in the in-game economy or options to let players acquire these items more easily, so if the Jar items do show up later, hopefully we’ll see them accompanied by more significant changes as well.

Lost Ark’s June update releases June 30 following what the studio said was a set of unexpected delays. If you’re still looking for (legitimate) ways to rack up the shiny stuff, check out the best ways to get gold.  You can also stock up on Pirate Coins for some of Lost Ark’s rare endgame items.