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Lost Ark Slayer release date pushes ahead of Aeromancer to meet demand

The Lost Ark Slayer release date is coming ahead of the Aeromancer advanced class as a new roadmap for May to August details the MMORPG’s major update schedule.

Lost Ark Slayer release date - a female Berserker with long, vibrant-red hair gives a stern look to the player as she raises a large greatsword.

The Lost Ark Slayer release date is sooner than expected as the female Berserker advanced class pushes its way past the Aeromancer in a new Lost Ark roadmap. That means you’ll get to take the greatsword-wielding combatant into action in May, with progression events planned for the fantasy game to accompany each class’s arrival.

The Aeromancer advanced class for the Specialist is a helpful support class, using her magical umbrella to deal big area damage and buff herself and her allies. However, Amazon Games remarks on “high levels of anticipation and positive feedback surrounding the Slayer in the west when it was released in Korea in January,” which has led to a decision to bring the female Berserker advanced class to western players sooner.

Following this, the gates to the continent of Elgacia will open in June, requiring players to reach item level 1460 before heading there. Completing that story will unlock the four-player Kayangel Abyssal dungeon, which has the option to turn up the difficulty level to a point where you can upgrade the newly introduced Ancient Legion Raid gear set bonuses to level three. The month of June also sees floors 26-50 of Fortunespire unlock.

Epilogue quests for Elgacia land in July, along with the arrival of the ultra-difficult Inferno mode for the Kakul-Saydon Legion raid, which has a prerequisite of item level 1475. That’ll give you plenty of chances to prepare for August’s Akkan Legion raid, which demands item level 1580 for normal and 1600 on hard. The Sonavel Guardian raid, meanwhile, also lands in August with an item level 1580 requirement.

Lost Ark Roadmap - a large, ornate cube-shaped music box next to Kakul Saydon

Developers Smilegate and Amazon Games also expand more on the upcoming quality-of-life changes coming to Lost Ark beginning with the Ebony Cube in May. Alongside this, improvements to the Knowledge Transfer system will make it easier for your alts to jump past slower story content. The Music Box of Memories arrives in July, and introduces some story content for NPCs that might have previously missed out on the limelight.

Lost Ark roadmap – May to August 2023

Here is the currently planned Lost Ark roadmap for May through August on worldwide servers, courtesy of Amazon Games and Smilegate:

May 2023

  • Slayer advanced class for Berserker.
  • Ebony Cube, progression improvements, and quality-of-life updates.
  • Proving Grounds season 3.

June 2023

  • Elgacia Continent opens (item level 1460).
  • Kayangel Abyssal dungeon.
  • Fortunespire floors 26-50.

Lost Ark Aeromancer release date - athe Aeromancer, Akkan, and Sonavel

July 2023

  • Kakul-Saydon Legion raid Inferno difficulty.
  • Elgacia epilogue quests.
  • Music Box of Memories and quality-of-life updates.

August 2023

  • Akkan Legion raid (normal: IL 1580, hard: IL 1600).
  • Aeromancer advanced class for Specialist.
  • Sonavel Guardian raid.

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