Lost Ark Striker balance changes coming soon

The long-awaited Lost Ark Striker balance changes are coming, meant to address issues with one of the MMO class' skills, but there's still no word about when

Lost Ark Striker balance: A man wearing gold armor brandishes his fists, also covered in gold plating

Lost Ark Striker balance changes are officially in the works for the MMO game, Amazon Games’ community manager confirmed in the Lost Ark forums. They weren’t able to provide a specific timeframe for the next balance patch, but at the very least, it’s confirmation that a consistent issue will get fixed. The news comes after several months of requests for tweaks made specifically to the class’ Lightning Tiger Strike. Players have been experiencing a few troublesome issues with the skill for several months, issues that tend to throw a wrench into skill chains and planning at best. At worst, it puts them in the path of a devastating boss attack or three.

Theoretically, Lighting Tiger Strike should let Strikers unleash a powerful blow and then that’s it. In several cases over the past few months, though, the skill actually shoots the player through the boss, or whatever other target they’re attacking. That’s a problem. Not only are most of Lost Ark’s skills position based, which completely throws off a chain of attacks if you end up in the wrong position at random, but several bosses require you to attack from a certain vantage point.

The Smilegate dev team tried implementing a fix for it in June in the Korean version, only to run into bugs, roll it back, and try again later.

“As far as I have been told this will be implemented in the future, but I have not been given a date for when yet!!” Rox, Amazon Game’s community manager said on the Lost Ark forums.

As some of the commenters mentioned, it’s not exactly a major issue, but it does make raids more frustrating than they should be, especially since the skill is seemingly random with when it decides to work properly and when it shunts you through a boss like the proverbial hot knife and butter.

If it’s all too much for you, there’s plenty of other Lost Ark classes to pick from, and we’ve got the build guides to help make the switch. Check out our Arcanist build and Glaivier build for two of the more recent class additions.