Lost Sphear is a new nostalgic JRPG from the I Am Setsuna developers

Lost Sphear

As the wait for the FF7 remake gets longer by the day, Tokyo RPG Factory are here to put your nostlgia glands into overdrive. Lost Sphear (yup, that’s how that word is spelled, nothing to see here) will remind you of everything from FF6 to Chrono Trigger, only a lot prettier. Whether it can stand up to that pedigree remains to be seen, but have a glance at the debut trailer above.

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You can tell it’s a JRPG because it uses phrases like “ignite hope with love” and also all the numbers popping out of people’s heads when they take damage. Parties of four; physical attacks, items, and magic; oddly-proportioned walking tanks – if you owned a PlayStation, you know the deal here.

It’s coming to PC along with the popular new portable Switch, and the PS4. For PC players, it’ll be on Steam, though the store page hasn’t popped up yet, while console players can get a physical version through the official site. There’s also a batch of screenshots over there to check out, not all of which are taken from the trailer – so worth a look. Lost Sphear will be out at some point in 2018.