Witty Monkey Island style adventure game Lucy Dreaming hits Steam

Lucy Dreaming is a Monkey Island style adventure game combining old-school point-and-click gameplay and puzzles with witty writing, and it’s out now on Steam

Lucy Dreaming - a young girl with twin ponytails in pyjamas looks at a collection of toys on her booksheves, including a Guybrush Threepwood doll

If you’re a fan of Monkey Island style adventure games, the newly released Lucy Dreaming might be next on your list. Following in the footsteps of overwhelmingly positive Return to Monkey Island reviews for Guybrush Threepwood’s return, developer Tall Story Games hopes to win over fans with Lucy Dreaming’s delightfully British sense of humour and its old-school point-and-click puzzle design.

Lucy is a young girl who suffers from regular nightmares – only to discover that she can learn how to influence and control the very nature of her dreams. This leads to a whirlwind adventure that leaps between the everyday world and the bizarre realms inside her mind. As an example, one of the first things you’ll do is rescue Lucy’s poor teddy bear from the clutches of her maniacal brother. Once you’ve recovered (and repaired) the rather dishevelled toy, it then comes to life in Lucy’s dreams and joins her on her adventures.

The puzzles themselves will feel familiar to fans of point-and-click games, and while the early ones we saw all followed a fairly clear logic, they certainly took a little digging to uncover the appropriate solutions. Helpfully, Lucy keeps track of her current goals in her diary and, while there’s no explicit hints system, there is an option to highlight all the actually important objects currently on-screen, which can prove very helpful if you get stuck.

As for the writing, Lucy Dreaming wastes no time in doling out plenty of dry, witty quips. The jokes come thick and fast out the gate, and they land pretty well across the board. It’s certainly got very classically British sensibilities, only further emphasised by the wonderfully regional accents of its cast.

Dominic Armato, the voice of Guybrush Threepwood, also makes an appearance – he says that “a quirky love letter to graphic adventures like Lucy Dreaming felt like just the right opportunity to jump back in.” Lucy Dreaming clearly wears its inspirations on its sleeve elsewhere too, with a poster on Lucy’s bedroom wall that bears close resemblance to Secret of Monkey Island’s Mêlée Island, which the game simply refers to as ‘Legal grey area.’

If you’re into comedic point-and-click puzzlers, Lucy Dreaming is out now on Steam and it’s definitely worth giving a look. Otherwise, we’ve got plenty more of the best indie games on PC for you to take a look at.