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Looks like a Mad Max 2 could be on the cards

Mad Max 2 game leaked? Or was it cancelled?

Mad Max 2 game leaked? Or was it cancelled?

It’s looking possible that a Mad Max 2 game from Just Cause 4 developer Avalanche Studios may have been leaked, by someone who got scanned in to appear as an NPC prior to the pandemic. The sequel to one of the best apocalypse games around isn’t yet confirmed, but could a Mad Max sequel really be in development?

The first Mad Max game from Avalanche was released back in 2015 a few months after the launch of the latest movie, Mad Max: Fury Road. As open-world games go, it wasn’t as well-received as the studio’s Just Cause games but did pretty well for itself in terms of sales – it was the eighth-best selling game of 2015 in the US.

A sequel was never announced, but now digital designer Wendy Fok claims that she was invited by Avalanche – prior to the pandemic – and was “scanned to be in Mad Max 2, as a rebel”. She provided a picture of the moment, which can be seen below.

Other than co-op heist title Contraband, Avalanche Studios hasn’t announced any other games and hasn’t released a title itself since the similarly-apocalyptic Rage 2 in 2019 – so it could potentially have Mad Max 2 in development. However, there’s a little doubt on this possibility.

A little digging shows that this photo was actually taken all the way back in 2017, two years after the first Mad Max – but two years before the release of Rage 2. It is possible Wendy Fok is mistaken and she actually appeared as an NPC in Rage 2 instead. If it is Mad Max 2, then it has been in production a very long time – and may conceivably have been cancelled, by this point.

This would be a shame, as a Mad Max game has a lot of promise that wasn’t really fulfilled by the original release. A proper open-world Mad Max survival game could be a lot of fun, so let’s hope it’s still on the cards.