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What a lovely day! Mad Max releases for Mac and Linux

Mad Max

Mad Max is a solid open-world game with a lot to like about it. Sure, it gets a bit repetitive after a little while, but its almost worth the price of admission just to tear along its arid plains, watching thick plumes of smoke rise from the horizon. It’s gorgeous in its own post-apocalyptic way, and now Linux and Mac owners can appreciate that vicious beauty. 

Keep tabs on all upcoming PC releases at that link right there.

I mean, have you seenthe sandstorms?They’re easily the best in any game ever. It plays alright too.

Its meaty, crunchy combat is ripped straight from the Batman: Arkham games, each blow landing with palpable force and each fist, foot, knee or elbow from your enemies is easily caught and weaponised against them in a brutal counter.

Layered on top of that is a car handling system that has you skidding ramshackle rides across hot sand, swinging in wide arcs, using tire spikes and more to ram enemy factions off the road.

It’s a bit of a collectathon, so you’ll likely get bored after a bit, but you’ll easily get ten hours of fun out of it.

It’s a solid port too. If you’re on Linux or Mac, it’s worth considering. Here’s the official announcement: