Game of Robes: Magicka 2 gets a release date and a slightly familiar trailer

Magicka 2 release date

Magicka 2, the co-op spell-flinging game that does not and never has featured vampires, will soon be summoned into existence. To celebrate the announcement of the May release date, Paradox has put together yet another silly trailer showcasing Vlad’s top notch singing voice.

On May 26th, the summoning spell will be complete, and you’ll be able to murder your friends and, maybe, some monsters while wearing fetching robes.

If you want a sneak peek, you’ll need to pre-order it, which means you’ll get to take the game for a spin on May 5th with three chums. There’s a special pre-order robe, too, inspired, of course, by Game of Thrones.

I slaughtered goblins, orges and battle-scarred crustaceans with fellow writer-types at a preview event last month, and you can read what I thought about Magicka 2’s curious artefact system right blooming now. If you want.