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Magicka: Wizard Wars to cast spell of open beta on May 27th

Magicka: Wizard Wars open beta

Air out your wizard robe and hat, because you might find yourself needing them come May 27th. Paradox North’s spell-flinging multiplayer wizard battler, Magicka: Wizard Wars is getting close to open beta. 

Gibs will fly all over the place, most of them singed, as wizards beat the living crap out of each other in MOBA-style lane battles or close quarters arena bouts.

We’re rather fond of Wizard Wars over in this neck of the woods. When it first hit Steam Early Access, I told you lovely lot that it was already worth buying for the emergent shenanigans and surprising tactical depth the spell combos provide. And since then, it’s only gotten better, with a brutal 1v1 arena mode and a greater array of “magicks”, the ultimate spells.

Tim checked its progress back in January, just after the new mode was added, and he reckoned that the game would “go off like a rocket.”

The shift to open beta also signifies the last opportunity to become a Magicka founder. The founder packs provide special robes, weapons and, at the highest tier, the chance to name one of the devious little imps.