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How to upgrade Manor Lords burgage plots

To upgrade your Manor Lords burgage plots and bring in more money and people, you must first meet the requirements of those who live there.

The ruler of the nation, in a red cloak, stands in front of a Manor Lords burgage plot.

How do you upgrade your Manor Lords burgage plots? Burgage Plots are the name for houses and their surrounding land in Manor Lords, and you want the most top-notch properties available if you’re going to want more families to move into the area. Upgraded burgage plots can also provide additional production areas or farms, as residents can tend to chicken coops or goat sheds in their backyards.

Manor Lords is all about the careful division of resources, the successful management of your residents, and the formation of strong armies – be it for offense or defense, and our Manor Lords beginner’s guide can help you get started. As you progress through the strategy game, one of the most precious resources of all is healthy people, and more people will only move in when you have suitable living quarters, or burgage plots, for them.

A plot of eight homes in Manor Lords, varying between level 1 and level 2 burgage plots.

How do you upgrade burgage plots?

Upgrading Manor Lords burgage plots requires all local requirements to be met. When these requirements have been met, click on the house icon at the top of the burgage plot summary to upgrade. A level one upgrade requires just four timber, but further upgrades require more resources.

To find out which requirements need to be met, click on the burgage plot you wish to upgrade. Since some requirements are met on a proximity basis, each plot might have different requirements remaining.

A list of the level 2 requirements for Manor Lords burgage plot upgrade.

Level two requirements

To upgrade a burgage plot from level one to level two, you must have a church and a well in the region. There must also be at least one fuel stall, one clothing stall, and two different food stalls near the plot. While the church and well can be anywhere, the market stalls must be in close enough proximity, so if you’re missing a requirement you don’t think you should be, it may be that the marketplace is too far away.

A list of the level 3 requirements for Manor Lords burgage plot upgrade.

Level three requirements

To upgrade a level two burgage plot, you need to have a tavern with a supply of ale, as well as a stone church or above in the village, plus the water supply from the level one requirement.

On top of the existing market stall needs, you must also have one additional, unique food supply for a total of three and a second clothing stall supply. The second clothing stall must offer actual garments like shoes or cloaks, while the first only needs to provide materials, such as leather or yarn. As such, you will either need to import these goods or build and upgrade a Tailor’s Workshop or Cobbler’s Workshop.

While every new resident needs somewhere to live, upgrading Manor Lords burgage plots is just one way to increase your Manor Lords population. If nobody’s moving in, you may need to increase your Manor Lords approval rating first.