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Manor Lords families - how to find and reallocate your workers

People are your greatest asset in Manor Lords, so here’s how to find and relocate families and assign workers in the city-building game.

A Manor Lords family of four walk towards their next job.

How do you relocate and assign families in Manor Lords? It takes a village to raise a… village. You can’t do it alone, especially not when you’re the omniscient god on the other side of a video game. The Manor Lords families under your control need to build, hunt, and forge, but you need to tell them where to be and when. 

The top right of your Manor Lords HUD might show you how many families are currently working and how many are free to build or allocate to another job, but it doesn’t help you find where some may no longer be needed. If you’re looking to reallocate your residents in the city-building game, here’s how to locate the Manor Lords families spread across your ever-growing world. Alternatively, you might also need to increase your Manor Lords population if you’re struggling to find enough people to complete tasks

The tab display in Manor Lords showing buildings and working families.

How to find your Manor Lords families

The Tab button on your keyboard is your best friend in Manor Lords, highlighting your buildings and how many families are working in each location. 

To see a more detailed account of the families at each building and what they’re doing, you still need to click on the building itself, but using the tab summary at least shows you where you might have one or even two families overallocated.

The ‘General’ tab on a building’s details shows how many families are currently allocated there as well, and allows you to add or remove them from this task. The ‘People’ tab is more detailed though, showing whether the family is actually working at all. A person not working might show that they are ‘Waiting’, while a Hunter, for example, could have more specific information, reading “No game in range or hunting limit reached”, letting you know that they are free to be reassigned.

One of the most important things to note when thinking about reassigning families is whether they are currently working on a market stall. If there is a market stall icon next to their circle on the building details, or if their current task says ‘Peddling’ in the People tab, don’t unassign them as this will deactivate the marketplace.

A screenshot showing how to assign people to work in Manor Lords.

How to assign people to Manor Lords jobs

Assigning families to work in a building takes place in the building menu. Click on the building, and you’ll see several silhouette icons on the ‘General’ tab, showing how many families can be allocated here. Click the plus icon to assign a random, unassigned family.

You can then hit the minus icon to unassign them again, which automatically sets them to work constructing buildings if there are any that need to be built. If not, these people won’t do anything, so make sure all of your families are being used to their full potential.

The building menu showing the location of Manor Lords families.

How to reassign Manor Lords families

You can allocate a specific family to a job by reallocating them from their current position. Click on the building where they currently work, go to the ‘People’ tab, and click on the ‘Reassign family’ icon on the right-hand side.

When you choose to reassign a family, the option will appear to choose a specific building to send them to work at next, rather than simply sending them to work on construction. If you need unassigned families to construct buildings, you can instead unassign a family directly from the ‘General’ tab.

Now you know how to find and reallocate your Manor Lords families, you should be able to keep everyone busy at all times in the strategy game. Remember, certain jobs are only required during specific seasons, such as foresters who are only needed during the Spring and Summer, so be sure to move them around when there are now berries to harvest. You might also not know that you can even put your families to work in their own homes, so be sure to upgrade Manor Lords burgage plots, and keep your Manor Lords approval rating high to make sure more families keep moving in.