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How to gain influence in Manor Lords

Here's how to quickly gain influence in Manor Lords by raising settlement levels, enacting policies, and conquering tricky bandit camps.

How do you gain influence in Manor Lords? If you’re just getting started in Manor Lords, there’s a lot to take into consideration. You’ve got to keep your families happy, fed, and watered, as well as maximizing your region’s production, and making sure your army is in place should any barons come knocking. That’s all without thinking of the much bigger picture.

Speaking of, if you’ve spent any time on the ‘map’ tab, you’ll see you occupy one of several regions in the area of this city-builder game. If you hover over any of the other regions in Manor Lords, you’ll need high influence or King’s Favor to move into other territories. So, how do you gain influence in Manor Lords?

Manor Lords influence

You need influence for diplomacy and pressing claims, fortunately, there are some easy methods to help you acquire this.

Here are all the ways to gain influence in Manor Lords:

  • Raising settlement level
  • Enacting policies
  • Conquering bandit camps
  • Upgrading churches and manors

The easiest way to get early influence is to raise your settlement level, which comes with other benefits like development points and more families to help in the building of your region. Upgrading churches and manors requires a lot of resources and land, but as an early tip, the game recommends leaving space around your buildings to allow for these upgrades.

If you’re feeling daring, you could take on a bandit camp, as bandits are particularly annoying at the beginning of the game as they steal resources. Once you’ve created your first militia, you can send them to take out the camp, which will likely be located near your settlement.

If you’re looking to raise your influence in Manor Lords, here’s how to increase your approval rating and how to increase the population of your settlement, for happier families. Don’t forget to check out our list of the best strategy games on PC if Manor Lords doesn’t happen to be your cup of tea.