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First Manor Lords patch teases big trade and storage changes

The first big Manor Lords patch is coming, as Hooded Horse outlines the changes and bug fixes we can already expect in the strategy game.

Manor Lords patch 1: a horse drawn cart making its way through a small medieval village

The first major Manor Lords patch has been detailed by publisher Hooded Horse, and we can expect a whole host of bug fixes and mechanical improvements to the medieval city builder already. With over a million sales and a very positive Steam reception, the Valve platform’s most wishlisted game is going to keep on improving itself throughout the early access launch – with trade fixes at the top of the list.

While the Steam Early Access launch of Manor Lords has been a resounding success for developer Slavic Magic, there’s been a lot of player feedback. The strategy game is constantly evolving, with an in-progress look at the first patch here to help us understand what to expect soon.

Our Manor Lords Early Access review says it “feels more like an extended demo than a full game in early access,” while noting that it’s “a beautiful and mechanically impressive city builder that still has plenty of room to grow.” So even though there are a lot of holes to be filled, what we have right now should more than suffice for avid fans of the genre.

Manor Lords patch 1 plans

The plans for Manor Lords’ first patch have been outlined by publisher Hooded Horse, so here are the changes you can expect.

  • Fixing all the homeless bugs
  • Tuning the archer damage
  • Tuning the trade oversupply mechanics (right now, it’s harsh and punishes regional specialization)
  • Slowing down the rate of AI claiming territories
  • Improving sawpit efficiency/storage

Manor Lords patch 1: a Reddit post fro mHooded Horse about the Manor Lords patch contents

There’s no date for Manor Lords patch 1 mentioned, but with the launch finally happening at the end of April, I’d expect the update to drop sometime in May. Having the AI claim territory over longer periods will no doubt take some pressure off, but for my money that trade oversupply change will be the biggest improvement in this first patch.

A Manor Lords trade survey already found that players wanted the mechanic kept in the game but tuned down. At present players that sell too much of one resource will see its value drop, while anyone buying up too much stock of another will see that price rise. Slavic Magic said they thought “specializing regions in producing certain goods is how the game should be played,” but asked players if they wanted it changed.

If you’re on the fence don’t worry, as Hooded Horse says it’ll run Manor Lords sales often, with the introductory 25% discount one we’ll be seeing again multiple times before the full launch. So if you feel like early access isn’t for you or you’d rather wait, Manor Lords will be right there, better than ever, when you decide to jump in.

Manor Lords is also available for PC Game Pass subscribers, so you can dive in at no extra cost to your subscription right now.

If you want some help with your bustling settlement we’ve got everything you need to know about Manor Lords trade alongside a comprehensive Manor Lords guide with all you need.

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