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Manor Lords trade explained

Trading in Manor Lords is key in ensuring the financial security of your settlement, and also in acquiring goods you can’t make yourself.

How do you trade in Manor Lords? While you can live off the land in Manor Lords, there are times when you may need a product that you wouldn’t normally have access to, and that’s where trade comes in. By building a trading post, you’re able to both import and export any resource, meaning that you can create a steady influx of cash, and use that extra money to kit your families out.

The Manor Lords release date is finally here, and players are busy putting down roots in the city building game. You may eventually find yourself with an abundance of a certain resource – if you have more of something than you need, it doesn’t pay to have it sit in storage, so use the Manor Lords trade system and make some money for your efforts.

Manor Lords trade: a zoomed out view of a medieval village.

Manor Lords trade explained

By building a trading post, you’re able to import and export goods. Importing means to purchase and involves you paying money in exchange for a resource. Exporting is the opposite; you’ll be giving away resources in exchange for money.

To trade in a basic resource, it’s as simple as clicking the dropdown box in the trading post menu and selecting import or export. From there, you need to decide on the amount of surplus you desire. Your surplus is how much of a resource you have in reserve.

If you want to export firewood, for instance, but don’t want your supplies to drop below 50, change the surplus amount to 50. That way, you’ll sell any firewood that goes over 50, but will stop if it ever dips below that amount. Setting a surplus is important to ensure you never sell resources your settlement needs to function.

Manor Lords trade: a birds eye view of a village in the countryside.

Manor Lords trade route explained

While you can trade in basic resources as soon as you build a Trading Post, some occasions call for setting up a specific trade route. To import or export more exotic items, or weapons, you must pay a dedicated trader to visit your settlement. Once this has been established, you can buy or sell those goods freely.

A trade route can also be established if you want to trade a lot of a specific resource. For instance, if you happen to have a rich wildlife resource, you could sell your surplus of hides for plenty of profit – setting up a trade route for hides will ensure these exports happen more often.

Now that you know how Manor Lords trading works, the sky is the limit for your settlement. So long as you utilize that extra money well, your Manor Lords approval rating will skyrocket. Once your families are happy and healthy, you can work on improving your Manor Lords burgage plots, and create the best hamlet the world has ever seen.