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When is Manor Lords coming out? PC release times

When is Manor Lords coming out? Here are all the precise global release times you'll need for Slavic Magic's medieval city builder.

When is Manor Lords coming out? PC release times: Some medieval peasants work the fields, growing cabbages, in Manor Lords while a giant fall forest rises behind them.

When is Manor Lords coming out? Those waiting eagerly for some historical city builder action need wait only a little longer, as we have all the global release times you’ll need to ensure you’re ready to take the plunge into the past. The Steam Early Access launch will be hitting you soon,  so ready your weapons, grab your hammers, and prepare to get medieval.

One of the most wishlisted games ever seen on Steam, Manor Lords is city building game with a difference. Instead of just letting you build your city over time, it instead takes from several different genres and blends them into a seamless medieval strategy simulation. You’ll build a village into a sprawling metropolis but you’ll also manage armies and conquer neighbors, thoroughly expanding on the city building formula.

Fans have been waiting a long time to get their hands on the game and finally that day is almost here. Manor Lords will launch into Steam Early Access on Friday, April 26 but can you preload it? And what is the release time in your region?

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Manor Lords release time

On PC, the Manor Lords release time is set for 6am PDT / 9am EDT / 2PM BST / 3PM CEST on April 26.

Here are all the currently confirmed Manor Lords release times for each time zone:

  • PDT – 6am April 26
  • EDT – 9am April 26
  • BRT – 10am April 26
  • BST – 2pm April 26
  • CEST – 3pm April 26
  • SAST – 3pm April 26
  • EEST – 4pm April 26
  • EAT – 4pm April 26
  • IST – 6:30pm April 26
  • SGT – 9pm April 26
  • CST – 9pm April 26
  • JST – 10pm April 26
  • AET – 11pm April 26
  • NZST – 1am+1 April 27

A map of the world showing global release times for Manor Lords.

Manor Lords preload

There is no preload for Manor Lords confirmed at this time.

This means you may have to wait a little longer past the release time in order to get everything downloaded. However, as this game is a one-person developed early access title, hopefully you shouldn’t have to download too much before getting to play.

If you’d like to add Manor Lords to your wishlist, head over to the Steam page now ahead of the game’s launch. Should you like to know what we think about the game, check out our early access review.

Make sure you’re ready for launch with our guide to the Manor Lords system requirements, and ensure your city starts off right with our Manor Lords beginner tips and tricks guide.

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