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One of the new most wanted Steam games is like Pokemon with guns

Can't wait to play Palworld? You're not alone. This weapon-heavy Pokemon-alike has blasted its way into Steam's most wishlisted top five.

A green monkey-style creature with an assault rifle.

Palworld has been causing quite the stir. This quirky mash-up of gunplay and monster-collecting has captured the attention of Pokemon fans and non-fans alike, launching the game into Steam’s most wishlisted top four. That’s no small achievement, and it bodes well for tomorrow’s early access release.

“Gotta blast ’em all!” That’s the sentiment behind Palworld, though if developer Pocketpair actually made that their tagline, they’d probably be getting a visit from Nintendo’s lawyers. As is, this Pokemon-with-guns open world game is still looking like far too much fun, and now it’s sitting at fourth in Steam’s top five most wishlisted games.

Let’s face it, who hasn’t looked at a Blastoise and wondered what it’d be like if, instead of water cannons, it had actual guns? That’s the itch Palworld is set to scratch, with all manner of heavily-armed Palworld pals to ensl.. er, team up with.

Like Pokemon, there’s an element-based system, so there’s more to the game than just straight blasting. It has enough in common with Pokemon that fans of Nintendo’s series should get a kick out of it when it enters Early Access tomorrow.

And, going by the game’s buzz, there are plenty of Pokemon fans eyeing this. “Given Pokemon have been dropping low effort games on Switch, I feel this could really go nuts if it’s even a decent attempt at a game”, remarks one Reddit poster.

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Other would-be-players have expressed their interest in Palworld’s survival elements. The game’s world is a tad more hostile than Pokemon’s and there are definite shades of Breath of the Wild. If Link had an assault rifle, that is.

The Palworld release date is set for tomorrow, but it’s also hitting Game Pass day one. So if you subscribe to Microsoft’s service, you can step into its wild, weapon-heavy world without it costing a penny.

Wondering if your PC can handle the game? Here are Palworld’s system requirements. And here are the best Palworld starter pals.

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