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Steam’s most-wishlisted game hits another massive milestone

Manor Lords is the most wishlisted game on Steam, and it's just hit yet another milestone mere days before it launches onto the platform.

Manor Lords Steam milestone: an aerial shot of a medieval European village, with thatched roofs and a forest surrounding it

Imagine having the most wishlisted game on all of Steam. Everyone’s waiting to get a hold of what you’ve been buildng – there must be a mix of anticipation, pressure, and nerves rolling around your brain. Now imagine being in that situation if you’re a solo developer. This is what’s going on with Manor Lords, as the medieval strategy sim just hit another big milestone with mere days until it launches.

As the Manor Lords release date inches ever closer and the internet reaches a fever pitch of excitement, the strategy game with real-time battling and city-building hits another big personal record. It feels like just yesterday the game crested two million wishlists, and then two and half million, and now it’s got to three million, a feat not many games can boast. More impressive than all that though, Manor Lords is the dream of just one person.

Beating Hades 2, Black Myth: Wukong, and even Hollow Knight: Silksong as the most wishlisted game on Steam right now, Manor Lords comes from solo development studio Slavic Magic.

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If you want some comparison points for those numbers, Techland celebrated three million Dying Light 2 wishlists at the start of 2022, at a time when it was second only to Elden Ring on the Steam charts.

“Slavic Magic has done amazing work,” Hooded Horse CEO Tim Bender says. “We’re honored and glad to be his publisher and help him realize his dream.”

Slavic Magic has already been managing the Manor Lords hype ahead of launch, explaining to players what the upcoming game both is and isn’t. “Manor Lords is not a Total War competitor. It’s a city-builder with battles. It’s not an Empire Management-style Grand Strategy game either. The map has regions, but you won’t be able to conquer the whole of Europe.”

Keep in mind that Manor Lords is coming to PC Game Pass on day one as well as Steam, so if you’re a subscriber you can play it at no extra cost.

As you get ready for launch you’ll want to check in on the Manor Lords system requirements as compared to your own rig, otherwise, we can tell you how to increase your Manor Lords population and raise your own Manor Lords approval rating as well.

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