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Marvel Heroes 2016 has been delayed, giving heroes more time to slip into their tight costumes

Marvel Heroes 2016 delay

With another big update heading to the world of Marvel Heroes 2015, Gazillion’s MMO-ish action RPG is being rebranded as, unimaginatively, Marvel Heroes 2016. It was due out this year, but fate has decided to intervene and now the update will hit in the year it’s actually named after.

The delay was announced in the official Twitter account for Marvel Heroes, revealing a new release window of January 2016.

A long list of new features is being promised, as well as an adaptation of the gargantuan Secret Invasion crossover event from 2008, where the shape-shifting Skrulls caused all manner of trouble for Earth’s do-gooding superhero teams. Controller support, a visual upgrade and leaderboards are also expected.