Marvel Heroes 2015 finishes off relaunch and anniversary celebrations with a 12-event weekend

Marvel Heroes 2015 Epic Twelve

Marvel Heroes relaunched this month as Marvel Heroes 2015, kicking off the game’s one year anniversary celebrations. The month of special events is coming to a close, but the final weekend is going to be a big one. 

Epic Twelve is a weekend-long series of events, some old, some completely new, one for each month that the game’s been around for. The events range from bonus XP in certain game modes to a buy one get one free event for heroes and costumes.

Here’s your event list:

  • Return of the Reaper
  • Legendary BOGO
  • Even more cowbell
  • Devs with benefits
  • Runes reloaded
  • Soccer showdown
  • Cosmic chaos
  • Summer BBQ
  • Alpha Omega
  • Teamwork 101
  • Accidents happen
  • Old school

David Brevik wrote a blog post recounting the last year and thanking players. “First, my personal thanks to our community for the continued support, dedication, feedback, help and overall righteousness that has kept us on-target for 365 days (that’s a lonnnng story arc). Sincerely, building upon the initial Marvel Heroes release in such a tremendous way to now be able to deliver this launch of Marvel Heroes 2015 has been a true privilege.”

He threw up an infographic detailing the changes since launch, like starting characters jumping from 5 to 11 and the growth of end game content, which seems pretty significant.

Have any of you lot taken it for a spin since the relaunch?