Midnight Suns elemental rods locations

In order to get your hands on the second moon seal, you’re going to need to find each of the four Midnight Suns elemental rods and return them to Agatha’s altar

Midnight suns elemental rods locations: a warrior clenches her fists after finding an item

Finding each of the four Midnight Suns elemental rods is one of many treasure hunts you’ll find yourself in when exploring the Abbey. Getting each of these elemental rods back in its rightful place is essential if you plan on uncovering every mystery that the Salem-adjacent boarding house has to offer.

Breaking down the magical barriers on the Abbey grounds requires moon seals, with the second of those being hidden within Agatha’s altar. To reveal the moon seal in Agatha’s altar, you’ll first need to collect the four elemental rods and slot them into their corresponding plinth. These in-depth side quests are one of the reasons that Midnight Suns is up there with the best PC games released this year.

Midnight Suns elemental rod locations

As mentioned previously, you’ll need to find all four of the elemental rods in order to reveal the moon seal hidden in Agatha’s Altar. Here are the locations of all four Midnight suns elemental rods:

  • Air Rod: Located to the left of Agatha’s altar. Head up a small flight of stairs and you’ll see the Air Rod sitting on a podium.
  • Earth Rod: In Wanda’s journal, she writes about the Hunters Tomb, and that’s exactly where you’ll find the Earth Rod. Use the Open Power Word to remove the door from the burial place and pick up the elemental rod.
  • Water Rod: Next to the training area you’ll see the swimming pool. Head to the rocks next to the pool, where you’ll see some glyphs on the floor, and the Water Rod.
  • Fire Rod: The Fire Rod can be found inside the Abbey in the chapel, located at the southernmost point of the building.

Now you know where to find all four Midnight Suns elemental rods, it’s time to grab that second moon seal and start breaking down barriers. If you’ve just started your campaign against Lilith, we have everything you need to know about how to unlock characters in Midnight Suns, and a character tier list, so you know who to bring into battle.