Midnight Suns characters tier list

Our Midnight Suns characters tier list highlights the best superheroes and what makes them special, so you can pick the top supes to easily beat missions

Midnight Suns character tier list: Spider-Man (left), Nico Minuro (centre), and The Hunter (right) all pose for a photograph against the New York cityscape

Looking for a Midnight Suns characters tier list? The strategy game features 13 playable superheroes, each with their own unique abilities and important parts to play in saving the world. While some are stronger than others, it’s all about getting a team that synergises well. While having three tanks may make you unstoppable, you won’t have enough damage to thin the ranks of Hydra, while three DPS threats won’t be able to sustain Lilith’s onslaught for long enough to do their job.

Not every character on our Midnight Suns tier list is immediately available to you when you start the campaign in one of the best strategy games of the year, so don’t stress if you’re worried you’ve missed your favourite member of the roster.

Marvels Midnight Suns characters tier list

Tier Characters
S Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Magik
A Captain America, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, Iron Man
B Blade, Hulk, Nico Minoru, Scarlet Witch, Wolverine

Midnight Suns characters tier list: Magik knockbacks an enemy with her limbo infused powers


Captain Marvel

There’s simply no better tank in Midnight Suns than Captain Marvel. Right out of the gate, her ability to give out hits just as hard as she can take them makes her a great choice for any team composition. She signs even brighter, both figuratively and literally, when she activates her Binary ability after three card plays, making her already excellent move set even stronger.


The environment is a powerful tool in Midnight Suns, and no one uses it better than Magik. Her ability to reposition enemies just where you want them with her Limbo Portal can be invaluable for AOE abilities, as well as making the best use of environmental hazards. Her legendary ability, Darkchylde, also ranks as one of the best in the game, granting Magik invulnerability and taunting every enemy for a turn.


Spider-Man is as fast as he is deadly, much like his arachnid namesake. Chain Strike deals high damage and can target up to four enemies once it’s upgraded, making it an ideal for cutting down weakened enemies. Meanwhile, Opportunist can give you that extra oomph you need to secure a KO, by removing the cost of two environment attacks. Check out the best Spider-Man build here if you’re looking to create an OP deck.

Midnight Suns character tier list: An ablaze Ghost Rider throws their hooks towards an enemy


Captain America

While he’s not quite a top-tier tank, Captain America is still more than capable of soaking up tonnes of damage. He can quickly relieve pressure from allies with Dig In, smacking enemies back with the upgraded version of the card. Tactician is also quite powerful, providing two heroic points, a large amount of block, and allowing you to draw two cards.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is a hybrid that acts primarily as a support, but his buffs can seriously help increase the amount of damage your team can do. Blessing of Vishanti quite literally increases the attack values of abilities in your hand, and he can deal a good amount of damage himself too, if you manage your heroic essence carefully, with abilities like Bolt of Balthakk.

Ghost Rider

If you enjoy the thrill of taking risks for an ultimately greater payoff, then you’ll want Ghost Rider by your side. His fiery abilities such as Immolate can create a chaotic chain reaction of explosions, while Lash lets you smack enemies about in any direction if you can pay the toll of taking a bit of damage yourself.

Iron Man

Iron Man is another hybrid of sorts that leans more towards a damage role, relying on redraws to enhance his abilities with additional effects. Leave It to Me can really help Tony Stark’s cards thrive, and it’s a particularly powerful combo when paired with Air Superiority.

Midnight Suns character tier list: Blade (left) stands ready to draw his word, while Captain America (right) stands ready to take a hit



While Blade is in a league of his own when it comes to cool factor, he’s an above-average damage dealer at best. Strike is one of the best abilities early on in the game, helping to clear up multiple targets. Unfortunately, his kit works best when your enemies are bleeding, which means he ends up being quite reliant on cards like Make ’em Bleed and Glaive to truly shine.


Hulk arrives very late in the campaign for Midnight Suns, making his overall usefulness a bit hard to define. For the short time you have him around before the final mission, the not-so-jolly green giant can hit enemies like a truck, but unless you’re utilising him in a new game plus run, he’s too underdeveloped to be of much use.

Nico Minoru

Given the unpredictability of the Staff of One, Nico can just as easily feel like the most powerful hero in your team or a sitting duck. She’s the closest thing that Midnight Suns has to a healer, with abilities like Blood for Blood and Restore. Sadly, there’s not much need for healing abilities unless you’re playing on the higher difficulties, making Witchfire her most valuable card if you can maximise its usefulness.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch arrives fairly late in the campaign, so you’ll need to work a little harder to build up her deck. Her base cards aren’t fantastic, but she can be built to put out decent AOE damage with cards like Unleashed, Chaos Reigns, and Hex Field.


Another late addition to the roster, Wolverine thankfully arrives with a great set of starting cards. The main reason he pales in comparison to other tanks is his reliance on lifesteal from Beserk which only lasts one turn, and the health-boosting Rapid Healing.

Don’t let our ranking deter you from picking someone who better fits your preferred play style, but our main advice is that you take a tank, damage, and support on each mission.

If you haven’t got all the characters available to you yet, check out our guide on how to unlock characters in Midnight Suns. For those of you looking for the best Midnight Suns Hunter build, we’ve got you covered there too.