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How to unlock characters in Midnight Suns

We have the information you need on how to unlock characters in Midnight Suns so that you can add some fan favourite heroes to your squad

Midnight Suns how to unlock characters: a line of superheroes clad in gold walk towards the screen

Shortly into the story mode, you’ll be wondering how to unlock characters in Midnight Suns. The initial roster of heroes at your disposal is full of familiar faces, but as you’re making moves against the demonic underworld, it’s clear that your team has room to grow.

One of the best things that the turn-based strategy game has going for it is its cast of Midnight Suns characters, each with their own distinct personality, likes, and dislikes. Seeing these heroes interact with each other in the Abbey makes exploring and chatting during your downtime a worthwhile endeavour, with each new addition to the team expanding your hangouts and Midnight Suns gift options. With that, here’s how you unlock characters in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

how to unlock Midnight suns characters: a superhero strikes a stoic pose, with a character selection screen on the left side of the screen

How to unlock new characters

As you begin your crusade against Lilith, you’ll have the Midnight Suns and a few of the Avengers at your disposal, but after a quick look at the barracks (or any advertising material), it will soon be evident that your team has room to grow. There are a total of 13 playable characters so far in Midnight Suns, and thankfully, the way to unlock them all is by simply playing story missions.

It should be fairly obvious when a hero is joining your team, as you’ll have a story mission with them included as a core squad member. Spider-man, for instance, is vital for taking down Venom, and while he initially operates outside of the Midnight Suns, he’ll eventually settle down in the Abbey with the rest of the crew.

Now you know how to unlock new characters in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, it’s time to get out there and smash some heads. In a somewhat unexpected turn of events, it’s clear that Midnight Suns is one of the best PC games this year, with extremely satisfying combat, and a deep, colourful roster of heroes.