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Marvel’s Midnight Suns isn’t supported on Steam Deck, says 2K

Sorry handheld fans, official Marvel's Midnight Suns Steam Deck support isn't a thing, but 2K says it plans to gain Valve's verification stamp "at some point"

Hulk with Steam Deck in left hand and Marvel's Midnight Suns art on screen with red cross

Planning on playing Marvel’s Midnight Suns on Steam Deck? Well, you might have to hold off, as 2K says it isn’t officially supported. The comic book caper might still technically run on Valve’s handheld gaming PC, but you should be mindful of minimum specs when playing on the go.

During a chat with Firaxis Games’ Jake Solomon, we asked whether Marvel’s Midnight Suns Steam Deck support is on the cards. In response, the creative director revealed that it won’t be an official platform at launch, but the studio apparently has “plans for that at some point.”

In addition, 2K clarified Marvel’s Midnight Suns Steam Deck compatibility, reiterating that it’s “not an officially supported platform.” Thankfully, the publisher also says it has plans to obtain Verified status after launch, so it may end up on Valve’s ‘Great on Deck’ list, providing it meets the storefront’s strict requirements.

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It’s worth noting that ‘Unsupported’ Steam Deck status doesn’t necessarily mean a game is incompatible. Valve’s verification system is more of a handy heads-up than a blocker in itself, designed to help you avoid performance woes and game-breaking glitches.

We can confirm that Midnight Suns will launch on Steam Deck, but we haven’t fully tested the Marvel game on the handheld. 2K specifically says it doesn’t “feature optimisations,” which means you might struggle to boost fps and maintain fidelity.

Speaking of which, Marvel’s Midnight Suns system requirements specifically list full desktop graphics cards, meaning the Deck’s AMD APU technically falls short. That’s not to say the handheld innards aren’t up to the task, especially if you’re using its built-in 720p display. However, if you usually use the best Steam Deck dock paired with a higher-resolution monitor, you should brace yourself for the usual minimum spec performance caveats.

Steam Deck shenanigans aside, we think Firaxis Games’ comic book crossover is a triumph, and our Marvel’s Midnight Suns review says it successfully moulds the XCOM formula into something super.