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Midnight Suns support team puts other devs to shame

The Midnight Suns support team has copped a W, after an interaction with a fan regarding text size has showed off how much Firaxis cares about the strategy game

Midnight Suns support team puts other devs to shame: A woman with blonde hair stands holding blue energy in talon-like metal gloves as she looks up at the camera with white glowing eyes

The Marvel’s Midnight Suns support squad have proven their commitment to the strategy game‘s players by responding to one fan’s request for bigger text in-game.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Midnight Suns, you’re currently unable to change the size of the in-game text. You may want the text to be huge, or tiny so as not to ruin the experience – either way, Firaxis’ XCOM-style Marvel game doesn’t give you an option.

The feature’s absence led one player to contact the team at Firaxis. Writing “it would be awesome if you could adjust the size of the the text or have the ability to do so,” they lament that “some of the text is really small.” Specifically, they refer to the text on the cards, as well as some subtitles.

I double checked whether this option exists on PC and, spoiler alert, it doesn’t – at least, for now. One of 2K’s support agents (known as ‘Rohan’) responded to the player’s request, stating that they would pass the feedback onto the dev team.

A few days later, Rohan follows this up with “I have heard back from the team and am happy to inform you that your feedback has been noted by the dev team and they will try their best to implement the changes if possible!”

They do highlight that they “do not have visibility on the progress of the feedback implementation,” but go on to conclude “rest assured your voice has reached the right ears!”

While this isn’t confirmation that Firaxis will add an in-game text toggle, it’s certainly reassuring to see that both the game’s support staff and dev team are actively taking on player feedback, and informing them of potential next steps. Transparency between developer and community remains a barrier for a lot of games, so it’s really cool to see a company just get it right. 

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