Best Midnight Suns Hunter build

Brought back from the dead, you soon find yourself in charge of a dysfunctional group of heroes, so lead from the front with the best Midnight Suns Hunter build

Best Midnight Suns Hunter build: a man dressed in a hood and mask stares at the screen holding a sword in each hand

There are so many options when crafting the best Midnight Suns Hunter build that you’d be forgiven for thinking it can’t be done, that there’s such a thing as being too versatile, with their abilities being spread so thin that it ends up being useless. Well, we’re here to tell you that we’ve found a Hunter build that not only deals an absurd amount of damage to the enemy but also has the capability to sustain your own teammates through powerful AoE heals.

When you’re playing through the story as the Hunter, you often get the choice to take a light or dark path during conversations with Midnight Suns characters. Your decisions sway your character in either direction, unlocking cards as you reach certain thresholds. As you reach the business end of one of the best PC games this year, you’ll have a multitude of both light and dark cards in your deck, and we’ve used the most powerful of each type for the best Midnight Suns Hunter build.

Best Midnight Suns Hunter build: a page showing all of the best Hunter abilities

The best Hunter build explained

Here is the best Hunter build in Midnight Suns:

  • Holy Spark+
  • Last Sight +
  • Merciless+
  • Mindbender+
  • Call To Arms+
  • Wrath+
  • Annihilation
  • Holy Burst+

The main avenues for destruction with the best Midnight Suns Hunter build come in two forms. Firstly, you have the immensely powerful combination of Last Sight+ and Merciless+, which combine for a total of 524 damage if you manage to get the initial stun to land. If Last Sight+ fails you, look for an environmental stun as the extra damage you get for your enemy being woozy is staggering.

The second, and more potent, combination of abilities in this build all revolve around Annihilation. This card scales on how many Heroism points you have, and consumes all of those points in one go, dealing AoE damage that can reach up to 380. It’s vital that you take advantage of Call To Arms+ to double your Heroism gains for a turn without a card play cost, setting up huge plays with Mindbender+ and Holy Spark+ in preparation for Annihilation.

Holy Burst+ may seem underwhelming at first, but with a huge AoE heal for just two Heroism, it’s vital for keeping your squad alive, and for bursting down weaker enemies that may be grouped together.

There you have the best Midnight Suns Hunter build, a set of cards that can decimate the battlefield and heal your entire time team in one fell swoop. To save the world in the turn-based strategy game, you’re going to need your teammates to be the best they can be, so here’s how to unlock characters in Midnight Suns, and a quick guide on Midnight Suns gifts to keep them sweet. You don’t want to get on the bad side of a man with retractable claws, trust us.