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Midnight Suns gifts, what they do, and where to find them

To unlock the true potential of the Midnight Suns you’ll have to build relationships, and what better way is there at creating friendships than with gifts

Midnight Suns Gifts guide: Dr Strange leads an ancient novel at his workbench

Giving Midnight Suns gifts is a great way to forge alliances and raise your friendship level. Having a team that works together effectively is vital if you’re planning on defeating Lilith and her army of Fallen. As your friendship level rises, so do your rewards, and, eventually, you’ll be able to unlock Abbey upgrades for you and your team.

If you want to unlock the Midnight Suns costume for every hero, you’re going to have to max out your friendship level with each team member. While the bulk of this is achieved by running missions together and hanging out in the Abbey, you need to utilise gifts to get the most out of your time together. The real victory in the turn-based strategy game, it turns out, is the friends you made along the way.

What are Midnight Suns gifts?

Midnight Suns gifts are little trinkets that you can give to a hero at the end of a hangout. There are 64 gifts in total, and they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and if the recipient enjoys the gift you’ve given them, you receive a boost to friendship XP.

It’s important to pair the right gift with the correct Midnight Suns character, as the amount of XP gained after the gifting process is determined by how much they liked the present. For instance, a lighthearted hero wouldn’t especially enjoy being gifted a human skull, but one of the brooding types would love a piece of anatomy to decorate their bedroom. There are legendary gifts that have very specific descriptions, and you’ll gain the most XP if you pair these with the right hero.

Here is the best gift for each Midnight Suns character:

  • Blade – The Unauthorized Biography of Captain Marvel
  • Captain America – Snack Box (Premium MREs)
  • Captain Marvel – Candle (Jet Fuel)
  • Dr. Strange – Dealing with Difficult Coworkers
  • Ghost Rider – Serenity – Calming You Inner Demon
  • Iron Man – Tales of Suspense #39
  • Magik – Snack Box (World’s Grossest Candy)
  • Nico – Dark Beauty: A Gothic Coloring Book
  • Scarlet Witch – Music Box (On the Slopes of Wundagore)
  • Spider-Man – Music Box (Face it Tiger)
  • Wolverine – Snack Box (Root Beers of Canada)

Midnight suns gifts, how they work, and where to find them: a book sits in a glass display cabinet

Where to find Midnight Suns gifts

There are three ways you can add gifts to your inventory. Initially, you’ll only be able to acquire gifts by scouring the Abbey and picking up various objects from tables and shelves. They don’t always appear in obvious places, so make sure you’re keeping an eye out for random objects with an interact symbol above them.

The second way of finding Midnight Suns gifts is by purchasing them from the gift shop. The gift shop is only unlocked after increasing your overall team friendship level, but once you have access to it, you’ll be able to purchase gifts once a day using gloss. The rarity of these gifts is generally much higher than the objects you find laying about, which translates into bigger friendship XP gains.

Lastly, you can craft gifts using Agatha’s cauldron. These are unique gifts, and while it can be time-consuming to gather the ingredients needed, the friendship XP gains are worth it.

Now that you know how Midnight Suns gifts work, it’s time to get out there and build some lasting friendships. If you’re just starting your campaign against the forces of darkness, check out our best Midnight Suns Hunter build, and how to unlock characters in Midnight Suns – you’ll need all hands on deck to save the world this time.