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Marvel Rivals apologizes for “inappropriate and misleading” contract

NetEase has apologized for a Marvel Rivals contract it sent to content creators that forbade negative reactions, promising to revise it.

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Marvel Rivals developer NetEase has apologized for a contract it sent to content creators looking to play the hero shooter’s alpha playtest. The contract contained a non-disparagement agreement that forbade streamers and creators from being critical of the game and “providing subjective negative reviews,” with NetEase telling PCGamesN that it is now working with creators to revise the terms of the agreement.

As it looks to build a competitor to Overwatch 2, NetEase is currently hosting a closed alpha playtest for Marvel Rivals. The competitive shooter and superhero game has come under fire for the terms of a content creator agreement however, as it forbade anyone that agreed to it from providing negative public feedback on the game ahead of the Marvel Rivals release date.

As shared by streamer Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned, the non-disparagement agreement forbade content creators from public statements “that are detrimental to the reputation of the game,” including “satirical comments about any game-related material” and any “subjective negative reviews of the game.”

In a statement sent to PCGamesN, NetEase apologizes for the “inappropriate and misleading terms,” while promising to work with content creators on a revised version of the agreement.

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“The contract is a draft version aiming for long-term cooperation with the creators who are interested in Marvel Rivals,” NetEase says. “The development team hopes to have more meaningful and consistent feedback, suggestions, and criticisms through more in-depth cooperation.”

The statement adds that NetEase has “realized the inappropriate and misleading terms” weren’t okay after feedback. “Now they are working [on] revising terms and will share [them] back to the content creators community. All terms will go live only when both parties have discussed and have agreed.”

There’s also a post in the content creator Discord for Marvel Rivals from one of the community managers, provided to PCGamesN by NetEase, which you can see below.

Marvel Rivals contract: a screenshot of a Discord post in the Marvel Rivals content creator section

“Our stance is absolutely open for both suggestions and criticisms to improve our game,” the Discord post says. “We are now working to revise the miscommunication terms from our commitment. The progress will be shared with every creator in a timely manner.”

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