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All Marvel Rivals characters and full roster

The full roster for the Marvel Rivals launch has been confirmed and we've got all of the information on the superheroes you can control.

The Marvel Rivals roster

Who are the Marvel Rivals characters? With any new Marvel game comes playable Marvel characters, and in Netease and Marvel Games’ new 6v6 shooter, there are plenty to choose from. There have been rumors and leaks flying around in the lead-up to the game’s announcement, but we have the confirmed Marvel Rivals roster right here.

When the Marvel Rivals release date rolls around, you could end up being spoilt for choice as the starting roster will be expanded upon with the game’s seasonal model. Who will you be choosing to play as in Marvel Rivals when the multiplayer game lands?

All confirmed Marvel Rivals characters

The confirmed Marvel Rivals characters so far are:


Namor’s deadly trident allows him to wield water itself, using it to force enemies into vulnerable positions ready for allies to take advantage of the situation with their own damage and abilities. 


Loki appears able to use deception and trickery to his advantage, morphing into his opponents to mimic their abilities – he is the Norse god of mischief, after all.


Magik’s sword looks to be a formidable foe, and she can metamorphize into a stronger form to increase her damage output. As a powerful sorceress, Illyana Rasputin may be able to cast spells to disrupt her opponents.


Groot’s trailing, twisted roots seem able to stun and hold foes in place. In the MCU he’s able to sacrifice himself to save his friends before regenerating, so it’ll be interesting to see how Marvel Rivals implements that mechanic.

Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon’s fire weapons will cause blasts and burns to opposing teams, no matter their size. Who knows what other gadgets he has up his sleeve. Do Raccoons have sleeves? 

Luna Snow

Luna Snow can use her ice abilities to freeze enemies and skating agility to evade tricky situations. She can also wield sound to her advantage, though her exact mechanics are yet to be confirmed.

Black Panther

Black Panther, also known as T’Challa, brings agility to the field, able to use his powered suit to rapidly scour the battlefield and address threats. He attacks with claws, meaning close-up combat is going to be where he excels.

Iron Man

Iron Man can use his repulsor blasts to reach vantage points most others on the roster can’t, leaving him able to attack with an advantage. It remains to be seen how else his suit will benefit him in combat, but expect great agility and a strong damage output.


The Hulk serves as a D.Va-like hybrid character in Marvel Rivals, being able to return to his Bruce Banner appearance or hulk out to smash through enemies with giant, overpowered fists.


Spider-Man is one of the more instantly recognizable superheroes on offer in Marvel Rivals. His notorious agility will enable him to swing across the battlefield and get into the most advantageous positions quickly and efficiently. His webs can also be used to limit opponents’ movement.

Marvel Rivals Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange seems able to throw spells and use his cape to traverse aerially. The former neurosurgeon has mastered the mystic arts, and will use that to his advantage in combat.


Magneto, as the leader of the Mutant Brotherhood, will use magnetism to his advantage in the battlefield. We’d expect that he can summon and launch huge metal sculptures from the destructible environment to disorient and deal huge damage. 


Mantis joins as another support superhero from the Guardians of the Galaxy universe. She’ll use the power of emotion to both deal damage and protect her allies, combined with the deadly martial arts she has mastered.

Peni Parker

Peni Parker joins the roster from the Spiderverse. Originally designed by none other than My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way, she has a psychically-powered mech suit called SP//dr to leap into and attack foes, as well as allowing her to take increased incoming damage.

Those are all of the confirmed characters in Marvel Rivals so far. We’re sure more will be added with the season pass or as optional DLC when the release date comes around. If you’re eager for more team-based shooting, why not check out our Apex Legends tier list or Overwatch 2 tier list, to see who you should be jumping into combat with in the meantime.