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Marvel Snap codes January 2024 – how to get free credits

These Marvel Snap codes for January 2024 are a nifty way to earn plenty of credits for free, so you can upgrade your cards and climb the collection track.

Marvel Snap codes: The Hulk.

What are the new Marvel Snap codes? Marvel Snap is one of the most popular collectible card games available right now, and unlike some others on the market, it is quite friendly towards free-to-play players. And there’s nothing that benefits free players more than some codes to redeem for gifts – in this case, credits.

Credits in Marvel Snap are used to upgrade your cards, improving the visual effects from common rarity all the way up to infinite, for a total of six upgrades, each of which costs 100 credits (except for the first which only costs 25). When a card reaches infinite, you can split it for a random effect, then start upgrading it again. This progresses your collection level, which is how you unlock new cards – and build the best decks – in one of the best card games right now.

New Marvel Snap codes

Here are all of the working Marvel Snap codes in December 2023:

  • THXSNAPPERS – 250 Credits

Expired Marvel Snap codes

Here are all of the codes that have expired in Marvel Snap:

  • SNAPININDER – 100 Credits
  • SNAP1111 – 100 Credits
  • MARVELSNAP7 – 100 Credits
  • SNAP2434 – 250 Credits
  • GAMESCOM – 500 Credits

How to redeem Marvel Snap codes

How to redeem codes in Marvel Snap

Redeeming codes in Marvel Snap isn’t particularly straightforward, because you cannot do it from within the game itself. Instead, you must head to the Nuverse Payment Website, the publisher for Marvel Snap, and navigate to the Redeem Code tab.

Enter your player ID, then click confirm. Your player ID can be found in-game by heading to the settings menu, then scrolling down to the bottom and clicking on the text where it says “Tap to reveal Snap ID”, above the version number and beneath the “Exit Game” option.

When your player ID – make sure it is the ID including the numbers after the hashtag, and not just your username – is confirmed, you can paste in any of the active codes above and the rewards will appear on Marvel Snap the next time you log in.

That’s all there is to know about Marvel Snap codes! We’ll keep this list up to date whenever new codes are released in the future, but until then, take a look at the best free PC games if you fancy giving something else a spin.