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Next Marvel Snap season release date, cards, locations, and theme

The next Marvel Snap season release date is never more than a month away, with new cards, locations, and cosmetics added each time

Marvel Snap season release date: several photographs of superheros laid on top of each other

If you’re looking for the next Marvel Snap season release date, we’ve got you covered. Each month, a new Marvel Snap season begins, and with a new season comes new cards, a unique theme, and a host of new locations. January’s Marvel Snap theme is the Savage Lands; which introduced Zabu and refocused the meta on reducing four-cost cards.

What is February’s Marvel Snap season release date, and who can we expect to see front and centre in the battle pass? Knowing the upcoming meta can help turn the tides early for you when new cards are added to the pool, as you’ll already have a pre-built deck ready to go in one of the best PC games this year. Crafting the best Marvel Snap decks for a given season also requires some knowledge of what locations you’re likely to see, with certain styles of play being more suited to a specific location set.

Next Marvel Snap season release date

The next Marvel Snap season release date is on February 6, 2023, starting at 7pm PT (10pm ET / 3am GMT). After this point, you can no longer buy the January season pass and Zabu will enter pool five.

Next Marvel Snap season release date: Artwork for the cards in February, including MODOK, along with the Ant-Man and Wasp steampunk variants


Next Marvel Snap season theme

The next theme for Marvel Snap will be Quantumania, thanks to the next MCU film releasing on February 17, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

Ant-Man and Wasp both feature in the season pass with exclusive steampunk variants – viewable here thanks to MarvelSnapZone – while MODOK is the new card being introduced.

New Marvel Snap cards

MODOK is the seasonal card, and thanks to datamines, we know he’s currently a 5-cost card with eight power, who has the following ability:

  • On Reveal: Discard your hand.

The main theorycrafting in the community for MODOK is currently around the discard archetype, for obvious reasons. Players are speculating that he won’t be quite as powerful as Zabu or Silver Surfer, the two most recent season pass cards, but when combined with Hela, Dracula, Apocalypse, or any mix of the three, he’ll be seen in the meta.

While not confirmed yet, Marvel Snap does add one new card to pool five each week, and leaks suggest the following cards are likely to be added during season five. Kang is especially likely as he’s the villain in the next Ant-Man film:

  • Kang (5/0) – On Reveal: Look at what your opponent did, then restart the turn (without Kang).
  • Ghost (1/2) – Ongoing: Your cards are always revealed last (their On Reveal abilities happen last).
  • Stature (5/7) – Costs 1 if your opponent discarded a card from their hand this game).
  • The Living Tribunal (6/4) – At the end of the game, split your total power evenly among all locations.

As always, these cards have been datamined and are not confirmed, so their abilities may change before making it into the game, or they may not be added at all.

New Marvel Snap locations

There will be four new locations coming to Marvel Snap throughout February, however at the time of writing, we don’t know what these locations will be as they haven’t leaked yet. We’ll be sure to keep this updated when we find out more.

That’s all we have on the next Marvel Snap season release date right now, but rest assured we’ll update this guide as soon as we know concrete details. If you’re still early on in your Marvel Snap journey, check out the best pool one cards in our Marvel Snap tier list. Make sure you learn all about the cards in each Marvel Snap pool too.