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Spider-Man Remastered patch improves DLSS, FSR, and fixes bugs

Sharpness sliders for Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR are the highlights of the latest Spider-Man Remastered patch, alongside various bug fixes

Marvel's Spider-Man fires a web from his webshooter, in a rainy dark locale

While actual spiders may revel at the very idea of bugs, the latest Spider-Man Remastered patch attempts to repel a different kind from the game while also introducing several new graphics features. Now, players should have a far more silky smooth experience as they join the webhead on his PC adventure, with Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR improvements keeping Spidey looking as sharp (or soft) as you’d like.

The biggest highlights from this Spider-Man Remastered patch are the introduction of sharpness sliders for both Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR, alongside an in-game sharpness slider too. Both upscaling solutions are wonderful boons to everyone, whether they have the best graphics card or a paltry pixel pusher, and more customisation is always welcome.

Other changes see address “various ray-tracing related crashes” and progress impeding bugs. However, the developers haven’t been able to solve every known issue and have shared detail for ongoing investigations they’re conducting.

The new Spider-Man Remastered patch, dubbed ‘v1.824.1.0’, is available to download on your gaming PC right now, building further on last week’s update. You can read all the changes here, and we can only hope it relegates one particular horrifying issue to the past.