Spider-Man Remastered PC patch fixes ray-tracing bugs

A Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered PC patch addresses some graphics-related issues, including some problems with ray-tracing and alt-tab crashes

Spider-man PC patch: Spider-man swings on a webline between tall office buildings in Manhattan at night

A new Spider-Man Remastered PC patch is out, addressing some of the graphics bugs that have popped up in the latest PC port of a big Sony open-world game. Developer Insomniac says the game should be more stable now and some of its graphics settings should look better, but the studio says it’s still at work tracking down the causes of some remaining known issues.

Several crashes related to ray-tracing have been corrected in the latest Spider-Man Remastered PC patch, which updates the game to version 1.817.1.0. Ray-traced reflections on stainless steel surfaces had been rendered with distortion, and the studio says that’s been corrected as well.

Further, the latest update also makes some visual improvements to its HBAO+ implementation, so indoor shadows should look a bit nicer if you’re using that setting. The patch improves the game’s Windows version check and improves stability when you jump out of the game with a quick alt-tab keystroke, and things shouldn’t freeze up if you change your graphics preset during a cutscene anymore.

Insomniac is tracking a few known issues, including one that seems to be preventing some users from enabling ray-traced effects, even when they have compatible hardware. Other players have reported being unable to snap a photo of the Empire State Building, which is a mission requirement early in the game. The studio says this only seems to be happening on GPUs made by Intel, and that the company is investigating that issue.

Finally, there’s a ‘Spider-Hack’ mission that requires special timing, and some players say they’ve been unable to complete it. Insomniac reports that this has to do with frame timing, and that the problem occurs when the game is running far above 60 frames per second.

While the studio looks for a fix, you can workaround this problem by switching to exclusive fullscreen mode and setting your refresh rate to 60Hz. Complete the puzzle, then switch back to your preferred settings.

Recognising how patches can sometimes introduce new problems in addition to fixing old ones, Insomniac is keeping an unpatched game branch available. On Steam, you can roll back to the earlier version of the game by opening the game properties, selecting betas, and clicking on previous_version in the drop-down menu.

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