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Masochism: Dark Souls 2 getting three DLC episodes because you can never get tired of dying

Dark Souls 2 Lost Crown Trilogy

Dark Souls II isn’t finished with you. You’ll never escape Drangleic. Sorry. For those who haven’t visited Drangleic, you really should according to our Dark Souls 2 review.

From Software has announced three pieces of episodic DLC that expand the cursed kingdom of Drangleic. The Lost Crowns Trilogy will open up new areas and unleash more foes, starting with Crown of the Sunken King on June 22nd. 

The whole season pass thing is infectious, and has wormed its way into Dark Souls II. You can pick it up now, and get Crown of the Sunken King on the 22nd, Crown of the Old Iron King on August 26th and Crown of the Ivory King on September 23rd.

The trilogy sends players off to nab the crowns once belonging to good old King Vendrick, because what’s a fantasy game without crowns you can steal?

Namco Bandai reckons that the first episode, Crown of the Sunken King, is one of the toughest levels From Software has ever designed. The bastards.

Cheers, Eurogamer