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Australian Classifications board notes "strong sex scenes" for Mass Effect: Andromeda

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Update January 20, 2017: Following Mass Effect: Andromeda's producer bragging about the game's digital banging, the game has been classified in Australia, and the in-game space sex had the biggest overall impact on the rating.

The game got a Mature 15+ rating, just like the previous games in the series, but the sex in this entry has been weighted differently by the ratings board. 

Go on then, here’s the best sex games on PC. You animal.

The first Mass Effect had warnings for "strong themes, sex scenes, and drug references". Mass Effect 2 had a "strong violence" warning. Mass Effect 3 had "strong violence and sex scenes". 

Meanwhile, Mass Effect: Andromeda warns of "strong sex scenes and violence". Strong sex scenes! Strong sex. Krogan humping confirmed? 

This image is from the Autralian Classifications site

Mass Effect humping

It's interesting to not that nudity is moderate, so presumably it's going to be tasteful boning. Either that or characters are going to do it in their spacesuits. 

Original Story January 15, 2017: We know what you want. It’s digital sex. It’s always been digital sex. Bioware know too, and are happy to provide, if the latest tweets from series producer Mike Gamble are to be believed. Responding to a few questions coming off the back of yesterday’s Tempest and Nomad trailer, he revealed that “the banging is pretty good” and possible partners number “so many.” It’s good he was so specific, really.

Here’s the tweet in question:

Elsewhere, Gamble also confirmed that companions would move about the ship while in-flight, saying that level designer Jess Hara Campbell had put a lot of work into it. Ian Frazier, lead designer, also confirmed a specific example of this to a fan with Krogan buddy Drack hanging out on the bridge.

In other tweet news, Gamble also said that he believed this was the most customisable Mass Effect yet. While ME2 and 3 both cut down on the RPG systems from the first game, the original did have quite a lot of character stats and abilities to play with. It will be interesting to see, as we head into February, the depth of those systems and how they relate to what Gamble said.

Also: the banging.

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Matanuska avatarChaz avatarBen Barrett avatarpanbient avatarSir Adrian avatarTim Edwards avatar+1
Matanuska Avatar
1 Year ago

But how many will I want to bang?

Chaz Avatar
1 Year ago

You do you, but I'm gonna try and bang everyone.

Sir Adrian Avatar
1 Year ago

Even the derpy eyed man-faced asari?

Ben Barrett Avatar
1 Year ago


Tim Edwards Avatar
1 Year ago

Chaz knows.

panbient Avatar
1 Year ago

And yet when the press inevitably writes off games as foolish wastes of time and of violent overly sexualized messages to young people again - everyone will be up in arms defending the medium.

But for right now?

Let's talk about all the aliens we get to bang in the next big game!

Ben Barrett Avatar
1 Year ago

I like to do both.

Dean478 Avatar
1 Year ago

I wouldn't worry. These are the same people that rated a game with first person sexual assault "MA 15+", allowing it on shelves at a time when the "adult" classification didn't exist. But they banned a game featuring zombies because it was "too gory" (Left 4 Dead 2).

They know as much as Jon Snow does about computer games... and we (finally) have an R rating for games now, as we do film and TV, so no problems!