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BioWare’s best RPGs are astronomically cheap in massive EA Steam sale

From Mass Effect Legendary Edition to Dragon Age, you can head back to Thedas or the Citadel for much less right now in this Steam sale.

BioWare's best RPGs are astronomically cheap in massive EA Steam sale: Ashley Williams stands on Eden Prime and looks slightly off to the top right of the screen, fully armored, with a gun slung over her shoulder.

Temptation is a tricky thing. We try to stave off foolhardy purchases by being strict with ourselves, or by saying we won’t buy things until they go on sale. Then the dance begins, is that sale deep enough? Is the price good enough? Well, I don’t know about you, but the currently-running EA sale over on Steam has put two games firmly in the danger zone. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition are both incredibly cheap right now.

Both definitely rank up there with the best RPG games, but for me it’s the huge laser-cannon that’s been shot at the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition price that’s most compelling. Having all three Mass Effect games under one roof gets rid of some of the issues around playing through the series, especially if you haven’t done so since the original releases. Going back to the original Mass Effect in particular can be a little jarring considering the updates the other two received around combat, something the Legendary Edition helps fix.

It’s fair to say that this is the definitive version of the trilogy, with remastered textures, retuned fights, and a photo mode that means you can take a few snaps of everyone’s favorite Marauder Shields, it’s well worth a peek even if you were originally burned by the divisive ending. For me, not having all three games on different platforms so I don’t have to struggle to import my Shepard into the last game, makes this a tremendous proposition alone.

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is 90% off until Monday, May 13, taking the price down from $59.99/£49.99 to a new historical low of $5.99/£4.99.

If your tastes run to something a little grimmer, Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition is also on sale receiving a similar slash to how much it costs. Including the brilliant Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening standalone expansion and all the different content packs, this is a huge amount of RPG for very little indeed. If nothing else, it’s a great way to get to hang out with Shale again, and that’s something to be treasured.

A party from Dragon Age: Origins gathers around a dragon and tries to slay it.

You can grab 85% off Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition until Monday, May 13, with the price being scythed down from $29.99/£24.99 to $4.49/£3.74. While it has been cheaper at some points in the past, this is still peanuts for one of the defining moments in RPG history of the last 20 years.

Head over to the EA Steam sale to hoover up these colossal RPGs for less. If you’d like to extend your time among the stars, our guide to the best Mass Effect: Legendary Edition mods will sort you out. Should you need a hand with your companions, our Mass Effect: Legendary Edition romance options guide will make sure you’re not sleeping alone tonight.

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