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Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Spelunky 2, more hit PC Game Pass this month

There's a great batch of new games headed Xbox Game Pass' way this month

Shepard stands ready to make Paragon choices in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, same as always

Microsoft has unveiled the next batch of games headed to Xbox Game Pass next, and the good news is all eight of the coming additions are hitting PC, not just console. The other good news is there are some real treats in the mix coming up soon.

In just a couple days’ time, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is coming to both PC Game Pass and the console version, Microsoft has revealed in a blog post. With this being one of the best RPGs around by our reckoning, it’s an exciting addition to the Game Pass lineup, given it includes the single-player base games of Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3, along with more than 40 pieces of DLC from across the three games. The Legendary Edition has been given some polish through remastering and optimisation for 4K Ultra HD, so Commander Shepard’s adventures in space should look pretty, too.

On the same date, Mobius Digital’s time-loop space adventure Outer Wilds is also joining Xbox Game Pass. The game puts you into the space-boots of a new space program recruit exploring the, well, outer wilds of the universe’s strange and myersious reaches, all while stuck in a time loop you need to break free from. It was very warmly received by critics and winner of BAFTA’s 2020 best game category, so well worth a whirl.

On January 13, Spelunky 2 also joining the offerings. The 2020 roguelike 2D platformer is a follow-up to 2008’s Spelunky, and sees you tackle the randomly generated depths of caves and ruins in your hunt for treasures – and the truth behind the disappearance of player-character Ana’s folks.

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Others headed to Game Pass later this month are a game preview of four-player co-op FPS game The Anacrusis (January 13), and chaotic multiplayer game Embr (January 6). As of today, you can also play 2.5D side-scrolling puzzle platformer The Pedestrian, atmospheric action-adventure game Olija, and hand-drawn puzzler Gorogoa.

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