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BioWare fixes its big blunder with this Mass Effect Day Shepard statue

After withdrawing its 'dying female Shepard' statue earlier this year, Bioware is offering an impressive and more appropriate alternative.

A statue of the Mass Effect trilogy's Commander Shepard

Making up for a baffling blunder, Bioware has partnered with Dark Horse and Gentle Giant to deliver a statue of the Mass Effect trilogy’s female commander that’s absolutely on point. And if you’re prepared for the $200-odd price tag you can pre-order it right now.

Sci-fi action-RPG trilogy Mass Effect lets you choose the gender of your Reaper-busting protagonist, meaning you can have a male or female Commander Shepard. So it’s not surprising that, back in June, BioWare announced it would be selling a statue of the latter.

What was shocking, however, was the scene BioWare had chosen to pull the statue’s pose from. Dubbed the “The Mass Effect Shepard’s Death Statue”, it depicted that moment in Mass Effect 2 where Commander Shepard asphyxiates in space.

The internet collectively did a double take and BioWare announced it was going to pull it. Apparently it was meant to be part of a series but even so it’s an interesting moment to commemorate.

But BioWare have definitely got it right with the new Commander Shepard statue, announced this Mass Effect Day. Created in concert with Dark Horse and sculpted by Gentle Giant, this may be the best Commander Shepard statue I’ve seen.

A statue of Commander Shepard from Mass Effect, with her energy blade out.

“Wiping the blood of her enemies from her face and primed with her omni-blade, you don’t want to cross Shepard in the throes of battle!”, the store blurb reads.

She does, however, seem to be wiping their blood off her lips. And last chance we checked, vampirism wasn’t one of the traits you could give your Commander.

The statue is 12 inches tall, wielding an energy blade, and is so game-accurate you can just imagine her giving Reaper Sovereign the finger. It’s not cheap and costs $179.99 to pre-order, $20 down from its $199.99 RRP.

It also won’t ship until July – September 2024 so that’s a little while to have that money absent from account. But if you want Commander Shepard standing watch over your desk, shelf or gaming setup, you can pre-order it here.

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