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After Armored Core 6, rival MechWarrior returns with new game

MechWarrior 5 Clans will follow the Smoke Jaguar clan in a standalone BattleTech adventure on Steam, following the success of FromSoftware’s Armored Core 6.

MechWarrior 5 Clans - A BattleMech stands in front of a flaming background, a knowing reference to the famous MechWarrior 2 cover art.

As Armored Core 6 shows that mechs are very much in style again, MechWarrior 5 Clans promises to offer a different spin on the big mech format, marking the return of one of the best robot games. The new MechWarrior 5 Clans is a standalone story that will follow a graduate of the Smoke Jaguar clan, allowing you to customize your BattleMech with cutting-edge tech as you join a squad of five in key clashes from the BattleTech universe.

MechWarrior 5 Clans takes place during a pivotal moment in BattleTech history – the Operation Revival clan invasion of the Inner Sphere. You take up the mantle of one of clan Smoke Jaguar’s newest graduates, thrust into a deadly conflict as the clans attempt to reclaim their homelands from the tyrannical rulers currently holding court over the Inner Sphere.

It’s a war that will see you fight “across numerous planets featuring diverse biomes, showcasing meticulously designed maps and missions that deliver immersive gameplay and intricate combat encounters,” according to developer Piranha Games. It’s the first time in a long while we’ve seen a clan-first focus, and will be standalone from MechWarrior 5 mercenaries, which sees its latest DLC The Dragon’s Gambit set to release this month.

For those of you less familiar with the MechWarrior series and the wider BattleTech universe, it’s a more grounded, weighty spin on mech combat than the airborne mecha of FromSoftware’s Armored Core series. These are typically heavy, stompy war machines; hulking battle platforms capable of unleashing devastating salvos.

As you’d expect, MechWarrior 5 Clans will allow you to customize your BattleMech using a revamped system – adapting to meet the needs of your mission is essential to success. You can watch the announcement trailer below, which features a loving nod to the iconic MechWarrior 2 cover art that’s sure to make long-time fans smile.

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Mechwarrior 5 Clans is built in the Unreal Engine and promises both a single-player campaign and online co-op. It’s currently set for a tentative 2024 release date, and you can wishlist it on Steam to keep track of its progress.

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