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Meet Your Maker update gives you more ways to kill or be killed

A new Meet Your Maker update is out today, as Dead By Daylight developer Behaviour interactive adds a new weapon, enemy, and more to the base building game

Despite not actually being out yet there’s already a Meet Your Maker update for the multiplayer game, as Behaviour Interactive is adding new content to its user generated base building and raiding game, giving you more tools of destruction for if you’re raiding another players base or trying to up the defences of your own.

The gory take on a level-creation game comes from the team behind asymmetrical multiplayer game Dead By Daylight, and the new arsenal update, which is live today, adds a new character, weapon, and deco pack for your base building.

First up is the Plasmabow weapon, which has a large ammo capacity and is a long-ranged fast-firing weapon. It might be ineffective against traps, but Behaviour says it is ideal for neutralising heavily guarded areas. You can even pick your ammo back up from defeated enemies, making the Plasmabow an excellent tool for dispatching foes.

Next is the Cannonback guard. With the longest range and largest area of effect attack of any guard, this enemy will throw timed explosives at raiders trying to get through a base and Behaviour recommends you either place Cannonbacks strategically to surprise raiders, or in big groups to rain down some hellfire.

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Last up is the castle siege deco pack, which lets you get medieval with your base designs. There’s brick and wood blocks, relevant props and decals, and more for you to experiment with. “From deep dark dungeons to impregnable fortresses, bring your medieval machinations to life as you challenge Raiders to storm the castle walls and survive your Outpost,” says Behaviour.

The aim of the game in meet Your Maker is to either build a maze of deadly deathtraps for other players to navigate, or be one of those players using their FPS game skills to push through the most difficult of bases and come out on top.

All of this is only available to those of you in the playtest, but you can actually sign up for the Meet Your Maker closed playtest here. The full version of Meet your Maker isn’t out yet, with it instead expected to release sometime in 2023.

If you haven’t managed to get into the playtest for the game, you can check out our Meet Your Maker gameplay preview instead.