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New legendary RTS sequel promises offline mode coming in future update

Men of War 2 has just released and the developer has addressed the lack of an offline mode, as well as a few other community concerns.

New legendary RTS sequel promises offline mode coming in future update: Several soldiers from Men of War 2 stand, weapons ready, while war rages all around them.

A couple days after launch and newly-released RTS sequel Men of War 2 is looking to the future. Despite shooting up the Steam player charts quite nicely it’s been hit by a barrage of criticism with its reviews sitting at a mixed 52%. To combat that, developer Best Way says it’s working on several key areas, foremost being the introduction of an offline mode.

Creating a sequel to one of the most legendary and well-regarded RTS games of the last 20 years can’t be easy. Men of War 2 mostly sticks the landing but there’s a few niggles that have prevented some fans from being able to enjoy it to its fullest. One of those is the fact that in its current version, it’s not possible to play the game offline, even for those playing solo.

“Repeated connection to game servers is necessary to ensure all progression rewards (including for single-player actions) are being awarded, and that no-one can cheat in multi-player matches”, the developer writes in a recently released statement. “However, we have heard your concerns, and we have started developing an off-line mode for single-player even before the release, but it will take some time to implement.”

In addition to an offline mode coming in the future, developer Best Way addresses a few other areas. The most impactful of these refers to those experiencing disconnections when attempting to play, with an indication that future updates will target stability. In order for the developer to investigate these issues, it has requested players experiencing problems staying connected to post on the official Steam Discussion Forum.

Best Way also uses this post to announce a patch scheduled for next week which will fix several problems reported by the community. These range from server wait times to mission flow and animation issues. There’s no date for this update just yet but the developer confirms it is looking to launch it earlier rather than later.

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If you’d like to check out the full announcement along with the details regarding what’s coming in the next patch, you can do so over on Steam.

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