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This mod turns the Meta Quest 3 into the Quest Pro

Much like the Quest Pro, this mod gives the Meta Quest 3 an open design, resulting in less fogging, face pressure, and provides a wider FOV.

Image of a person using the Meta Quest 3.

The Meta Quest 3 hasn’t been out for long, and already its user base is looking for ways to improve on the most recent addition to the iconic VR headset lineup. Like a lot of headsets on the market today, the Meta Quest 3 can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, especially when it comes to the pressure it can put on a user’s face. While there aren’t any official means to get around this, one fan has created a mod to have a more comfortable, open design.

The Meta Quest 3 is one of the best VR headsets available today but, like a lot of previous headsets in the Quest line, that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of issues involving comfort. Its inclusion of an incredibly basic strap, makes it one of the more uncomfortable headsets out there, so it comes as no surprise that modders are looking for ways to improve the fit of the Meta Quest 3, so they can immerse themselves for longer.

One OculusQuest Subreddit user, MultiverseRoamer, has created their own way of improving comfort when using their Meta Quest 3, by modding their headset and sharing the results online. The shared images of their Meta Quest 3 mod, show clear inspiration from headsets like the Meta Quest Pro, and involve the use of 3D printed parts to create a more optimal, comfortable gaming experience.

The mod involves the use of the Globular Cluster Comfort Kit, a purchasable set of pads initially intended for use of the Meta Quest Pro, and through some clever engineering, results in a version of the Meta Quest 3 which does away with the facial interface altogether. This change can relieve the pressure on the face because of its more open front and, according to MultiverseRoamer, fogging on the headset lenses isn’t an issue, and the field of view is fine.

It’s evident from the comments on the Subreddit post, heralding MultiverseRoamer and their intuitive Meta Quest 3 mod, that a future Meta headset with the option to switch between a closed and open design would be more than welcome.

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