Metal Gear Rising always online DRM actually a bug, fixed now

Metal Gear Rising now working in offline mode

When Metal Gear Rising Revengeance – otherwise known as the one with the cyborg – launched on Steam yesterday, folk were a bit excited to play a game that many thought had been cancelled, but within minutes that excitement turned to horror, with people shrieking in the streets, when the game appeared to be hampered by always online DRM.

NeoGAF posters were reporting being unable to access the game in Steam’s offline mode, while others were noting being kicked out of the game when they lost their connection. It was not immediately clear if this was a “feature” or not, with some users suggesting the problem lay with the way Metal Gear Rising handled the Steam API. Even the game’s creative producer was not sure.

The dark time is over, however. Konami revealed that it was a bug and a “mistake”, and not long after the issue was fixed. Crisis averted. 

It’s a relief that this is not yet another instance of publishers enforcing draconian always online rules onto their consumers, but it’s a shame that this is something that was seen as a possibility, as it continues to be not entirely uncommon.

Have you played since the apparent fix? Everything in tip top shape?