Metal Gear Solid 4 might finally be coming back

Metal Gear Solid 4 might finally return and come to PC, as files hidden in the new MGS Master Collection Volume 1 hint at a relaunch.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Steam PC: A soldier in a bandana, Solid Snake from Hideo Kojima stealth game Metal Gear Solid 4

Metal Gear Solid 4 could finally make a return, and this time, it might be available on PC. As Hideo Kojima’s masterful stealth series relaunches with MGS Master Collection Volume 1, and we dive back into the world of Solid Snake, Raiden, and MGS 2 and 3, files hidden within the first Master Collection hint at a possible re-release not just for Metal Gear Solid 4, but also MGS 5 The Phantom Pain, and possibly MGS Peace Walker.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is a difficult game to play nowadays. Released in 2008, it’s never launched for any other platforms apart from the PlayStation 3 – if you want to play MGS 4 on Steam or any other PC stores, you’re out of luck. In the concluding chapter in the story of Solid Snake, the stealth game jumps years ahead of MGS 2 as our bandana-wearing hero battles to bring down the mysterious Patriots, while facing off against old nemesis Revolver Ocelot. A little digging into the new MGS Master Collection Volume 1 suggests Metal Gear Solid 4 could be returning.

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Discovered by ‘Timo653,’ a selection of code strings within the launcher for the Master Collection make mention of “MGS 4,” “MGS 5,” and “MGS PW.” It seems to suggest that Master Collection is already primed to be updated in the future with additional games – it is called ‘Volume 1’ after all.

“While digging through the scripts for Metal Gear Solid 2 Master Collection Launcher, I discovered multiple strings related to Peace Walker, 4 and 5,” Timo explains. “There’s a function for finding the right path to read assets for. They have listings for all the Volume 1 games, but also 4, 5, and Peace Walker, hinting that those may actually be part of the rumored Vol 2.”

Metal Gear Solid 4 Steam PC: Code from the MGS Master Collection Volume 1 hinting at a PC launch for MGS 4

Earlier this year, we reported on the official website for the Master Collection, which also contained references to MGS 4, 5, and Peace Walker within its source code. For those who have never played it, or haven’t played it since back in 2008, Metal Gear Solid 4 on PC would be a big win. Let’s see what Konami has hidden under its cardboard box.

PCGamesN has contacted Konami and will update this story with any further information or comments.

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