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Metro Exodus ditches the bullet economy

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So far we’ve seen a handful of impressive looking trailers for Metro Exodus, but it’s about time for us to start learning in a bit more detail what the new take on post-apocalyptic Russia. Luckily, developers 4A Games agree, and they’ve provided a bunch of new information to Game Informer this week.

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Most notably, Exodus will ditch the ammo economy that served as a defining characteristic of the previous games. Rather than exchanging valuable ammo for goods and weapon upgrades, you’ll be scavenging junk on the service to turn into chemicals and materials, allowing you to craft the gear you would’ve previously been spending ammo for. You will need to maintain your weapons, and you can swap attachments between compatible guns.

As the trailers have suggested, Exodus sees you leaving the titular metro, and while the surface environments don’t constitute an open world in the traditional sense, the locations will be vast, non-linear levels that offer sandbox exploration alongside the directed story missions. Those levels are big enough to support vehicles, though the developers have only shown off boating so far.

Stealth and combat options have been expanded, and you can even go for a pacifist route and take down enemies non-lethally. Doing so might make your run-ins with that faction down the road a bit friendlier, as well.

Metro Exodus is scheduled to release this autumn, though some hints suggest that we might see the game out as soon as August.

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cpt.fantastic avatarholmesc avatar
cpt.fantastic Avatar
3 Months ago

After playing through the first 2 Mjetros I can't say I'm looking forward to this. Shooting was boring at best and the plot was such a cringe. "Artyom here's your bullets, Artyom come see my uncle and drink vodka, Artyom where's the partyom? Are you there Artyom?"

Mid-game I tried to run past the NPC's to forward the story faster but they just kept crawling, mumbling their nonsense even if no one cared.

Both games are very pretty and the atmosphere is just like I'd imagine a nuclear-fever-dream but the basic gameplay is way too fickle to appreciate any higher. I actually think that DN:Forever is a better game than Metro and that's really a merit of it's own.

holmesc Avatar
3 Months ago

Wee woo wee woo do I hear some wrong opinions?