Here’s Mewgenics’ “super fun” cat DnD combat, but it’s still two years away

Here's a short glimpse of Mewgenics turn-based combat and new info, but it's only 5% content complete.

Here's a new look at Mewgenics' combat, which is still two years away

The latest game from Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy developer Team Meat, here’s a short look at Mewgenics‘ turn-based combat in action along with new details on the cat DnD RPG – which is already “super fun”, despite still being two years away.

We first started hearing about Mew-genics – back when it still had a hyphen – around ten years ago, and that version was ultimately cancelled. However, back in 2018 Team Meat head Edward McMillen confirmed that Mewgenics was back in development and had been entirely rebooted.

There’s only been bits and pieces on the game since but it’s beginning to take shape. McMillen recently answered a few questions on Mewgenics on Twitter – including reconfirming that the current version probably won’t be out until at least 2024. He also confirms that it’s similar to Binding of Isaac “in terms of replayability“, featuring branching chapters with zones consisting of three chapters each – and that it’s basically “cat DnD”.

Mewgenics programmer and designer Tyler Glaiel also posted a couple of in-game gifs of some turn-based combat encounters, showing the deflect power and the ability to throw mice into traps. Glaiel also says that the game is already “super fun” and “every run is different and varied and requires different strategies and has different combos” – but “only like 5% of the content is in”.

The Binding of Isaac is already one of the best roguelikes on PC, and if Mewgenics is similarly roguelite in design – even if the actual gameplay is different – it certainly has a chance of making the list. It’s at least a slightly less horrifying cat game than this one, anyway.