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J-horror Tsugunohi features The Grudge for cats

Cult Japanese horror game Tsugunohi is coming to Steam with a new chapter that's basically The Ring for cats.

Tsugunohi cat

Popular Japanese horror title Tsugunohi arrives on Steam this week, August 13, and has a shot at being considered one of the best horror games on PC. The Steam version features eight episodes based around various J-horror tropes, including one chapter that’s basically The Grudge for cats.

Anyone like myself trying out various scary game demos during Steam Next Fest in June may have come across the unique 2D horror title Tsugunohi from ImCyan and Playism. The gameplay in Tsugunohi is absurdly simple: you just walk to the left and occasionally click on a direction. Due to the straightforward gameplay and chilling scares, they’re also enormously popular with streamers, with Playism estimating that the game has amassed around 54 million views worldwide.

While the game has generally been available on PC for a while, the Steam version of Tsugunohi will launch on August 13 with all eight chapters of the story, which feature different characters and scenarios – including remastered versions of the game’s original three episodes and a brand new story called ‘The Ethereal Railroad Crossing’.

Most notable is the game’s fifth chapter, ‘The Cat Ghost’, which is a Japanese horror story starring a cat that’s being haunted by vengeful cat spirits – now that’s a Conjuring sequel I’d actually like to see. This chapter was actually available as part of the Steam Next Fest demo, so if you’ve been waiting to see more based on that the full Tsugunohi experience is out next week.

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