Microsoft Flight Simulator lands in August but a “hand-crafted” Heathrow costs $120

There are three editions you can pick to buy and they offer various aircraft models and airports to land in

July 14, 2020 Microsoft has clarified that all airports listed will be available in the base game, but that the deluxe and premium versions will feature upgraded versions of some of them.

Looks like you’ll be able to get your hands on Microsoft’s new flight sim a lot sooner than you may have thought. The Microsoft Flight Simulator release date is August 18. Pre-orders have also gone live so you can snap up the upcoming PC game and start your pre-install for Xbox Game Pass for PC.

There are three Microsoft Flight Simulator editions to pick from. The standard edition will set you back $59.99 and is available day one with Xbox Game Pass. The premium and deluxe versions will cost you $119.99 and $89.99 respectively. While Microsoft lists some of the airports as edition exclusive, they have since clarified (thanks, Eurogamer) that the standard version will have all the airports, but that the more expense versions will contain more detailed, “hand-crafted” versions.

As for the main game itself, it promises more than 1.5 billion buildings, two trillion trees, mountains, roads, rivers, and more. The world you fly over is also ever-changing and features real-time weather and animals alongside live traffic. Other Microsoft Flight Simulator features include aerodynamic modeling, a new checklist system, and a day and night engine. You can catch all the details on the official announcement page.

If you’d like to make sure your rig is up to scratch to play the upcoming flight PC simulation game, then we have the Microsoft Flight Simulator system requirements right here. That includes the minimum, recommended, and ideal PC specs.

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