Microsoft’s Windows Insider survey hints at VR, Steam distribution plans


Microsoft have just released a detailed survey for people signed up to the Windows Insider program, and it may hint at some of the things the company is looking at for the future.

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There’s quite a bit in the new market research from Microsoft, much of it digging into the details of your system: what OS you use, what your specs are, which brands you prefer.

They ask whether you prefer playing on PC to console, too, as well as which platforms on PC you like to use. Windows Store, anyone? Perhaps Microsoft really meant it when they said they will publish games on Steam again.

It’s not all about finding out where you game, though. The survey includes quite a bit of interest in VR. This follows rumours that Microsoft are planning to launch or partner with a VR manufacturer for their more powerful Xbox One, Project Scorpio. With all the unification between Xbox One and PC, it’d need to be something that works across both.

Outside of that, the company is showing a bit of interest in eSports and looking into which genres of games people prefer. It’s quite a lengthy one, but you can check out the Windows Insider survey yourself at that link.