Microsoft Adaptive Accessories could enhance gaming PC accessibility

Microsoft has announced a new Adaptive Accessories ecosystem, and it could offer a mouse and keyboard alternative that makes gaming PC more accessible

Microsoft Adaptive Accessories on white backdrop

Microsoft has unveiled a brand new adaptive accessories range, and it could help further gaming PC accessibility. The new ecosystem of peripherals aims to be highly adaptable and easy to use, enabling users to create a specific setup based on individual needs.

The Microsoft Adaptive Accessories lineup isn’t designed with just gaming PC use in mind, as it’ll boost accessibility on a variety of Windows devices. The range includes a multifunction wireless button that’s customisable using 3D printed parts, enabling you to use it as an alternative keyboard for both work and play. Accompanying the button is an adaptive mouse, which pairs with various ‘tails’ that transform its form factor.

According to Microsoft’s Accessibility Blog, “each piece is designed in partnership with the disability community,” and the range aims caters to those who struggle with traditional desk setups. While other ventures like the Xbox Adaptive Controller help provide alternative gamepad inputs, the new Adaptive Accessories may help more people play the best PC games without a gaming mouse and keyboard.

The Adaptive Accessories Microsoft Store page includes a host of 3D printed examples, but the PC gaming community will no doubt come up with specific designs that cater to FPS games, MMO experiences like FFXIV, and non-gaming apps like Microsoft Excel. It’s not yet clear how much the Adaptive Mouse and wireless button will cost, but both peripherals are set to arrive later this year.