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Steam’s spookiest multiplayer game outlines a bright future

Midnight Ghost Hunt has a bright future ahead of it, as Vaulted Sky Games celebrates a huge milestone and gives us a new roadmap for future content.

Steam's spookiest multiplayer game outlines a bright future

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a truly unique, special take on the asymmetrical multiplayer game genre, as it combines spooks with the ever-popular Prop Hunt to make something that’s very exciting. While it’s part of a Steam sale on the Epic Games Store, the team behind Midnight Ghost Hunt has revealed a future roadmap and a big player milestone.

Since it came to the Epic Games Store Midnight Ghost Hunt has snagged one million new players, with developer Vaulted Sky Games celebrating the milestone while outlining what you can expect from the asymmetrical ghost prop-hunting game.

If you’re yet to play Midnight Ghost Hunt, it pits a team of ghosts and hunters against each other in a sort of spooky version of a prop hunt. The ghosts need to possess objects to survive until midnight, while the hunters can use an array of high-tech sci-fi gadgets to take them out.

Steam's spookiest multiplayer game outlines a bright future

Midnight Ghost Hunt is currently in early access, but the four versus four game has an array of maps, weapons and gadgets, and a slew of ghost abilities and perks to give you and your friends a real sense of gameplay freedom.

Midnight Ghost Hunt roadmap

You can expect everything below to come to Midnight Ghost Hunt on the Epic Games Store and Steam between July and September, with even more further down the line.

  • Full controller support
  • New van ride entertainment
  • HUD and UI improvements
  • Steam trading cards

“While that is all we have to share right now, we are certainly working on other things as well; such as performance improvements, bot improvements, matchmaking improvements, and more, so be sure to keep an eye out for future announcements,” Vaulted Sky Games adds.

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Midnight Ghost Hunt is actually also part of the Steam Summer Sale, knocking the game down in price by 66%, meaning you can nab it for $6.79 until Thursday, July 13.

While Midnight Ghost Hunt offers a great multiplayer experience, our list of the best horror games is sure to keep you busy, alongside the even spookier VR horror games you can play right now.